Vulpris Libres Cover


'The writing is superb. The stories are framed by an audaciously persuasive preface from a fictional historical society telling how the manuscripts were discovered. The stories are full of wow moments: in the plot twists, in the language, in the twists of phrasing. Peter Kennedy can really write, and spent seven years getting these stories right.' --Kate MacDonald

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Peter's Interview


'I wanted the book to look and feel like it had been hand-turned in dimly lit basements, bath-tub gin for the working classes, like Russian samizdat smuggled out beneath the noses of the authorities. The novel became a project that included musical accompaniment and theatrical performance.' --Peter Kennedy

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East End Review Cover


'A promising debut… influenced by the Old Testament, the Brothers Grimm and Kennedy’s mother – he lures you in with his fairytale-like prose…and showcases some excellent writing.' --Oliver Zarandi

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